Within a culture that cultivates the idea that while you may be anxious or depressed, you will have to live with that the rest of your life. While you have been personally victimized by situations or circumstances, you must embrace that as who you are. While so much can be accessed at the tip of a finger in a quick moment, working hard and long for something is not worth it. While you compare and degrade yourself based off of the seemingly perfect lives people post about, you will never be good enough. 

"Who am I?"

We are here to say that you are...

Loved and sought after by the One who is powerful enough to bring peace to your life no matter the circumstance. You have access to freedom. You are pursued by the One who makes you a victor. You have access to all of His power. You are empowered by the One who is strong enough to provide you with motivation and drive. You have access to the One who does the impossible. You are worthy of the One who died for you just to show you how deeply you are loved. You have access to the most powerful Identity. You are loved, sought after, worth dying for, protected, rescued, restored, redeemed, victorious, chosen, free, unique, and purposed.

Now what are you going to do about that?



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