Summer Internship Program


Taryn Garton

It was that first day of Engage in Texas, that I knew that God was going to be doing a lot of work in my life.  He wanted ME out of all "inadequate" people, to be there for those students. It was an amazing feeling. The Engage directors and staff truly pushed us and encouraged us to make connections, to be intentional, and to create a safe place for the students. We were also pushed to affirm one another as a team. I think this helped so much. It helped me realize what I was doing well, and also what I could work on. It was a way to show our appreciation for one another. This definitely made our team stronger and it helped us become closer. 

Engage in real experiences with real people

Anthony Marantino

“Traveling this summer gave me a different perspective on ministry work.  This helped me realize what I was doing before I started traveling, wasn’t what God was calling me to do. I decided to apply at Baptist Bible College and surrender to full time ministry. I believe if I didn’t travel  I wouldn't  have even made this decision. I just thank God for giving me this opportunity.”

Equip   yourself for future ministry opportunities 


Ciana Bates

“Going into this summer I was expecting God to move in big ways, but I had no idea what he had in store. This summer I had the opportunity to serve on the tech team, running lyrics for all of the camps. This means that I got to stand in the back of services and see the students worship. Being able to watch as students walked from death to life was the most humbling experience. God worked in my own heart during this time about serving people and worshiping Him through that in any capacity.”

Empower   yourself to be bold and relentless in your pursuit of Christ

Traveling with Engage is more than just a summer experience. It provides real ministry insight and experience. Given opportunities to utilize your skills, giftings and stories, Engage will give you opportunities to take part in real life change; both in yourself and the students.